Method, apparatus and compositions for the prophylaxis and treatment of colony collapse disorder

This invention concerns a method for preventing and treating Colony Collapse Disorder, consisting in the use of an automated device that delivers a diet specifically calibrated for consumption by farm colonies of bees to be treated. The apparatus comprises a box-like container accommodating in its interior at least one reservoir for liquid-tight, accessible from outside through a nozzle, an atomizing device of a liquid solution or suspension contained in the reservoir, means for the delivery of the liquid atomized solution or suspension into micrometric drops outside the apparatus, and a control unit programmed for timing the delivery of the solution or suspension to the outside, for the determination of the quantity of solution or suspension delivered and for emitting alarm signals in case of malfunction, the apparatus being powered DC with the energy supplied by a solar panel located outside of the container. The liquid solution or suspension comprises tonic and nutrient ingredients, mainly consisting of milk powder, sugars and lower organic acids, antioxidant and antiseptic ingredients contained in plant extracts and healing ingredients to bees, such as essential oils of thyme and oxalic acid.

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